In case of Emergency dial 911

Sayward Fire Department - COVID-19 Response

During this difficult period we would like to ask you all to help protect our first responders by having a little more thought in your actions. With regard to the Fire Dept., this means being aware of where and when you are planning to burn, always ensure that you follow the regulations that apply to fires within the Sayward District. Every time you call out the Fire Dept., you put Fire personnel at risk, we have to work closely together to do the job and if we all end up with COVID-19 there will be no Fire Department. Please remember we are only human and we are all volunteers. If we do have to attend a call, please ensure you keep at least 2 meters away from any firefighter and give them extra room to work.

Within the village, there are bylaws that prohibit backyard burning and open fires, however you are allowed a campfire purely for recreational purposes, i.e. Cooking food or keeping warm, but burning garden waste is not allowed. We would ask that you refrain from lighting campfires at present to ensure the chance of accidental fires are avoided. If you see an illegal fire within the village, please call 911 - If we don’t know about them, we can’t do anything about them!

For the valley, please follow the Provincial Coastal Fire Regulations. Please be aware that if we are called to any fire that is too large for the Sayward Fire Dept. to handle, we will have to call in Coastal Fire, and they will charge the person responsible for all resources used, such as wildfire crews, helicopters and heavy equipment. You may also be charged for damage to Crown Land and/or areas managed for logging purpose.

With all fires, including campfires, always ensure a responsible adult is in attendance at all times while the fire is alight, ensure that you have the means to extinguish the fire adequately, such as a few large pails of water, or a reliable charged hose. All fires should be on mineral soil with no surrounding dry vegetation and well away from shrubs and trees. Always extinguish the campfire completely before you leave it unattended. Be aware of the venting index and don’t light fires on windy days.

A poster explaining the different categories of open burning is available online:

Please check BC Gov website for the latest update: Burning Information here.

Fire halls are located in the village at 620 Kelsey Way, and in the valley at 1306 Sayward Road.
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In case of Emergency Dial 911
Report a Wildfire (24-hour, from a landline): 1-800-663-5555
Report a Wildfire (24-hour, from a cell phone): *5555

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